Serving Brevard and Indian River Counties!  Resource Center for Disability Solutions (RCDS) has partnered with the Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) program to provide FREE specialized communications equipment to qualified Florida residents who are Hard of Hearing, Deaf, Deaf/Blind, or Speech Impaired.

Communication is an important part of any relationship. Don’t let hearing loss prevent you from communicating with the people you love. Connect to the people who matter to you with a FREE phone from RCDS and FTRI! If you avoid making calls because of hearing loss, permanent or temporary, you may qualify for a FREE phone. Hearing loss may occur for a number of reasons: aging, infection, tinnitus, swimmer’s ear, head trauma. Whatever the reason, being able to hear is an important part of communication. Let us help!

RCDS and FTRI also provide free Captel 840 Plus captioned phones, visual and auditory ringers, portable Bluetooth devices, text telephones and other specialized communication devices.

Stay connected with a free amplified phone from FTRI. To make an appointment please contact Resource Center for Disability Solutions 321-633-6011 or 772-774-3060 RCDS. Picture of a beach with a white cordless amplified phone, dark red background. FTRI.org/free

How many people in Florida are Deaf or Hard of Hearing? 

An estimated 3 million people in Florida are Deaf or Hard of Hearing – approximately 16% of the population. (Source: 2011 Report to the Governor, Legislature and the Supreme Court of Florida, Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.) This equipment is loaned to residents who qualify for as long as needed, AT NO CHARGE. 

Who pays for this equipment? 

The program is funded through a 12 cent surcharge on all Florida landlines mandated by the Telecommunications Access System Act (TASA F.S. 427) in 1991.

3 Ways To Access Telecommunications Equipment

  1. Bring your completed FTRI application, certified by your audiologist or healthcare professional
  2. Qualify automatically if you already wear a hearing aid
  3. Call to schedule an appointment for a 5-minute hearing test and get certified by our Center Director

Visit https://www.ftri.org/cocoa for the latest schedule of outreach events near you. You can download an application or learn about different FREE specialized devices that are available to people who are hard of hearing, deaf, deaf/blind or speech impaired.

Call (321) 633-6011 or (772) 774-3060 to schedule an appointment in Brevard or Indian River Counties. Hours are Mon.-Fri. 8am to 4:30 pm.

If you need a speaker for a health fair, senior expo, social organization, assisted living facility, church group or other, we can provide a short presentation on FTRI amplified phones or devices and distribute them to qualifying attendees right on the spot!

If you prefer us to contact you or a loved one, please fill out our contact form.